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FreeState started as a group of doctors using modern technology to help isolated rural communities get access to affordable healthcare. To do this, we built a network of good-hearted physicians working at low prices, and a low-cost, high-performance technology platform to make it all work. Ironically, that was the easy part. The rest of the time was spent battling insurance companies, who insisted that not paying for care and forcing people to drive across the state to see doctors was the best way to help them! After a few years of this craziness, we decided it was time to do something different. FreeState Direct spun off, and is meant to be the foundation for a new kind of healthcare delivery, built only to support excellent clinical medicine, and the needs of patients. 


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Primary Care Doctors


Hannah bingham, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics


Undergraduate: McPherson College

Medical School: University of Kansas

Residency: University of Kansas-Wichita, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Bio: Dr. Bingham is a native Kansan who grew up on a non-hobby farm featuring real animals and plants. Hannah also played a lot of fútbol, up to the collegiate level. Please note that fútbol, aka, soccer, is a game in which players don't get hurt much, but spend a lot of time pretending they do, as opposed to football, a game in which players spend the entire game turning their brains into mush, but pretend they don't.  Hannah has a growing family, and likes to cook and craft, but notes that, with four kids to chase, "cooking" = microwaving pasta from a can, while "crafting" = taping torn book pages back together. Hannah is surprisingly cheerful despite these indignities. Hannah practices Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and does a lot of medical work in rural areas, but also sees patients in area hospitals, and at the FreeState clinic. 

Elisha Yaghmai.jpg

Elisha Yaghmai, MD, MPH&TM

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Undergraduate: Harvard University

Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas (UTSW)

Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Residency: University of Kansas-Wichita, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (Chief Resident)

Bio: Elisha is originally from California, but after living all over the country he settled in Kansas for its wonderful beaches. Like many doctors, Elisha was getting very well paid to shut up and be complicit with American healthcare's chronic failures, when he suddenly realized medical training had not succeeded in numbing him to the fact that the system is objectively awful. So he decided to leave it and start something that actually helped people.  Elisha is double-boarded in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and has worked in many places, from rural clinics to urban, tertiary ICUs, and everywhere in between. That's how he knows where the bodies are buried -- admittedly a terrible turn of phrase for a doctor to use. When not working on building FreeState, Elisha works a side job as personal assistant to his young children.



Scott Belliston, DO



Undergraduate: University of Utah

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency: University of Kansas, Neurology

Fellowship: University of Kansas

Bio: Dr. Belliston is from Salt Lake City, Utah, a place well known for its (non-)plentiful caffeine, and (un)legendary night life. Scott went to college at the University of Utah, followed by medical school at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Like many accidentally-lucky people, he then found his way to Kansas, where he did a Neurology residency at the University of Kansas, followed by a Multiple Sclerosis fellowship, also at KU. Scott takes a special interest in Multiple Sclerosis because his father has the disease. Like many before him, Scott has since tried to leave Kansas, moving back to his home in Utah, but we've told him Kansas is like the black hole at the center of our galaxy: a giant gravity well of no traffic, friendly-but-not-too-friendly people, and low cost of living. Don't ask how we know what life is like inside a giant black hole ("Make him stay, Murph!!!"), but we assume he'll be back one day. In the meantime, Scott has been providing Neurology care to Kansas patients by projecting his knowledge across spacetime via telemedicine, and has a helped a lot of people that otherwise couldn't access a Neurologist. Scott speaks fluent Spanish after spending two years in Argentina on a church mission, and spends whatever free time he has with his wife and kids. 


Rhanda Eboh, MD



Undergraduate: University of Kansas

Medical School: De La Salle University (Philippines)

Residency: University of Kansas-Wichita, Psychiatry

Bio: Dr. Eboh is a native Kansan who now lives in Nevada because ... actually there's really no good reason to live in Nevada. Rhanda went to college at KU, followed by medical school at De La Salle University in the Philippines, where she worked as a licensed physician before returning to the U.S. for Psychiatry residency at the University of Kansas-Wichita. In training Rhanda received the Bharati Award for Excellence in Patient Care. Rhanda is board-certified, treats patients age 16+, and has a special interest in older adults. Rhanda is very fond of her 2-year-old son, who she describes as having a "manipulative style." That may be the most Psychiatrist-y thing ever said about a toddler, so we haven't had the heart to tell Rhanda that many 2-year-olds are actually diagnosable sociopaths. Think we're joking? You've clearly never tried to separate a toddler from an iPad. That said, Rhanda sees patients across the state via telemedicine, and is very popular because she cares deeply about her patients, and, unlike some doctors, is not one chicken short of an adobo. Rhanda sees patient at our College Hill clinic, in their homes, and throughout rural Kansas, all via telemedicine.


Praveena Gorantla, MD



Undergraduate: P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and Sciences

Medical School: Rangaraya Medical College

Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine: University of Texas

Residency: Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Internal Medicine

Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic

Bio: Dr. Gorantla (Pronounced "Gore-aunt-la") went to college at P.B. Siddhartha College of Arts and Sciences, followed by medical school at Rangaraya Medical College, Internal Medicine residency at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Texas. Like so many doctors, Praveena struggles with educationaholism, a devastating disease that results in excessive knowledge and massive personal debt. After all of that, Praveena then did a Rheumatology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, which is both a world-class training program, and Cleveland's most important contribution to medicine, excluding Dr. Oz and his latest raspberry ketones/hamster toenail clippings weight loss cure. Wait, did you just hear a duck? Their shared geographic roots notwithstanding, Praveena is way better at Rheumatology than Dr. Oz will ever be. Conveniently, Praveena is also married to an Orthodontist, so if you happen to have Dermatomyositis or horrible Gout AND crooked teeth, she can help with both problems. Praveena sees patients at our College Hill clinic. 


Tuan Nguyen, MD

Pediatric Cardiology

Kidz Cardiology


Undergraduate: University of Texas at Dallas

Medical School: University of Kansas-Wichita

Residency: University of Kansas, Wichita, Pediatrics

Fellowship: University of Miami, Pediatric Cardiology

Bio: Dr. Tuan Nguyen (pronounced "Win") is a Wichita native who went to college at the University of Texas at Dallas. After four years in Texas-flavored purgatory, he returned to the light at the University of Kansas, where he went to medical school and did Pediatrics residency, followed by work as a Pediatric Hospitalist. He then completed a Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship at Miami Children's Hospital, after which he again returned to Kansas, because he really struggled waking up every morning to perfect, sunny, 70-degree days, the sound of the ocean, great food, and just the faintest hint of background gunfire for a little spice. Tuan's practice is Kidz Cardiology, which he runs out of our College Hill office space, along with offsite clinics in Hutchinson, Ark City, Pittsburg, Topeka, and beyond. Tuan offers Pediatric Echocardiography, EKG, Holter Monitoring,  and Stress Testing. All of this makes Tuan the banh mi sandwich of Pediatric Cardiology: loved by all, easy to find, and very good at what he does. If you don't know what a banh mi is, imagine a McDonald's hamburger, only with more vegetables, and if the meat tasted much better than the usual fermented McKangaroo. When Tuan is not treating kids with heart problems, you can find him spending time with his family, or listening to country music. No, that is not a joke. The man really likes Hank Williams, Sr., and no, he wasn't born in 1935. Deal with it. 

Chrishana Ogilvie, MD

Allergy and Immunology


Coming Soon!