This Is What Good Healthcare Actually Costs 

(per visit)
FS Plan*
FS Family*
FS Kids
FS Plus
FS Family Plus
Monthly Fee None $5 $20 $15 $50 $100
Primary/Urgent Care** $65/visit $25/visit $25/visit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Virtual Visits None $25/visit $25/visit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Subspecialty Care $90 Initial
$80 Follow up
$75/visit $75/visit $65/visit $65/visit $65/visit
Stitches $130 $120 $120 $100 $100 $100
Broken Bones
(X-ray/Radiology read included)
$180 $170 $170 $150 $150 $150
Discounted Labs, Imaging, and Medications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
After Hours/Holiday Access No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text, Email, Phone
Access to Doctor
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comprehensive Wellness Plan*** No No No Yes Yes Yes

*FS Plan, FS Family, and FS Kids must be paid on a yearly basis. Plus plans can be cancelled any time.

** Labs, imaging, medications, and supplies charged separately, heavily discounted.

*** Includes subsidized gym membership, dietitian, behavioral health, weight management, and smoking cessation

$5 and $20 monthly plans are not yet available for online signup. Please call 316-670-3800 or e-mail for those.