Frequently Asked Questions


1. How are you able to offer healthcare at such affordable prices?

Not taking insurance allows us to save time and expense by avoiding insurance paperwork, claims processing, excessive administrative staff, and unnecessarily complicated documentation. Your subscription pays directly for your healthcare – not bureaucracy and middlemen.


2. Do you take insurance?

We prefer cash payment because it enables us to provide you with better, cheaper, more convenient care. However we also take Medicare, KanCare/Medicaid, Blue Cross, United, Aetna, and Medica. 


3. Is there a limit on the number of visits to my doctor?

There are no limits for subscription members. Non-members and FS Plan and FS Family members are also welcome to see us as often as needed, but there is a charge associated with each visit.


4. Can you provide high quality care at these prices?

Yes! Freestate Direct works hard to recruit excellent physicians. We also let you talk to your doctors when and where you need them, and do not nickel and dime you for access. Affordability, easy access, and good lines of communication are the cornerstones of high quality medical care.


5. Can I see a subspecialist?



6. How do I make appointments?

Either through our App, or by calling 316-670-3800.


7. When are my doctors available?

  • Your primary care doctor has regular appointment times that can be scheduled online. Our primary care team is available to subscription members for emergent issues 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Specialists can be seen during regular clinic hours. Typically we can offer specialist appointments within a few days. In emergency cases, our primary care physicians can always consult a specialist any time as well.
  • Your medical team, including specialists, will also provide your hospital care as long as we have privileges at the facility.


8. Where do I see my doctors?

You can be seen in our clinic or your home without a referral. If you are a subscriber, you can also be seen via smartphone, tablet, or computer as part of your subscription.


9. What happens if I go on vacation?

Your team can still follow you. Through use of telemedicine, we “live” in your pocket. Contact us if you need us. The telehealth option allows access to your physician from your smartphone or tablet from virtually any internet connected location in the world.


10. What conditions can you really diagnose and treat using telemedicine?

Almost anything. If you aren’t sure about a specific condition, it costs you little or nothing to call us and ask. However, we have used our system to treat critically ill inpatients. Your pneumonia, asthma or gallstones don’t intimidate us. However, we WILL NOT prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine.


11. How is your Telemedicine different from the Dial-a-Doc service my health insurer recently launched?

  • We live in your community.
  • You can see us in person if needed.
  • We are not the people you call because your regular doctor isn’t available. We ARE your regular doctor.
  • We can actually examine you and order diagnostic testing to complete the diagnosis and start treatment.
  • We don’t have a limited list of trivial conditions about which you are “allowed” to call. Call us. We’ll handle it.
  • We offer continuity of care.
  •  If you are too ill to be treated via telemedicine alone, we don’t take your money for doing nothing, then direct you back to your “real” doctor, or the nearest emergency room. We either direct you to our clinic for treatment, or just meet you at the hospital.


12. Are the FreeState plans a form of health insurance?

We are not insurance, and recommend that you maintain coverage for unforeseen hospitalizations or emergencies. While we can and will supply all physician services, including hospital care, we do not have control over facility and other fees charged by hospitals or emergency rooms, or the prices of many brand-name drugs.


13. What else do you offer beyond doctor visits?

We offer generic medications, labs, imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI), and some medical equipment at heavily discounted rates. We can also help arrange for diagnostic testing (such as a colonoscopy), surgical consults or procedures, and obstetric care, often at reduced rates. We provide inpatient care if you need it, and we are privileged at the hospital in question.