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4723 E. Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67218


(316) 670-3800  |   (888) 505-1776


Monday to Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday and minor holidays: 10 AM - 3 PM

Sunday and major holidays: Closed to the general public

Subscribers have 24/7 access, including Sundays and major holidays



Our Mission

American healthcare stinks. It's inconvenient, complicated, and outrageously expensive, yet many studies show we don't get better healthcare -- we just pay more for it. This happens because we are NOT the customer. Our insurance companies are. But here's healthcare's dirty little secret: If you pay cash rather than going through insurance, you get much better prices for the exact same quality of service. Tired of getting ripped off? Want to see a real change in healthcare? Come join us, and vote with your wallet by buying your healthcare directly. Become the customer again, and take back control.


What We Do

We take take care of anyone, birth to the grave, in clinic or the ICU, uninsured or fully insured, and we try hard to deploy modern technology to do it. Been waiting 4 weeks to get a visit with your current doctor? Sick of being asked to schedule a visit to "talk about your results" when it seems like a phone call would be fine? Unclear what to do if you get sick while traveling? Give us a call, and come see what 21st century medicine is actually supposed to look like. 




Our Doctors

Board-certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics doctors with broad experience, plus some friendly subspecialists. And get this: when you come in, you actually get to see THEM!  Oddly, because they aren't forced to schedule dozens of fluff visits a day just to keep the bills paid, they actually try to spend time listening to you. Several of them have even managed to retain a sense of humor.




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